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How to choose a good bolt cutter?

Bolt cutter is a commonly used hand tool, how to choose a good bolt cutter is very important.
There are some tips when you choose bolt cutter.

Bolt cutter hardness requirements:
The edge hardness of the blade is not lower than HRC53.
The hardness of bolts, pressure plates and central shafts is HRC33-40.

Surface requirements
There should be no cracks, rust, harmful scars, burrs and other defects on the surface of each part.
All surface-treated parts must be uniform in color and must not have obvious scars, pits, omissions, air bubbles, peeling and flow marks.
The surface roughness Ra of the two inclined surfaces of the blade edge is not more than 3.2um, and the surface roughness Ra of the remaining cutting parts of the blade is not more than 6.3um.

About usage
The bolt cutter can be used to cut steel bars, steel strands, etc., and can also be used as an emergency backup escape tool in the field of fire protection. It can be used to cut screw rods, bullet seals, iron locks, iron chains, etc.

1.The bolt cutter head is made of high-quality carbon steel, with extremely high hardness and toughness
2.The cutting edge is sharp, wear-resistant
3. High-strength solid bolts, together with anti-loosening nuts, all undergo special heat treatment
4. The handle is made of plastic material as the coating layer, which is colorful and durable
5. The handle is closely matched with the body of the scissors head, which is firm and reliable
6. PVC grip feels comfortable

1. Forgings
2. A special tool for locking and rebar , it can be easily cut with one hand.
3. The blade is made of special steel, because it is attached to the lock mechanism, which is safe to use and easy to carry.
4. Cutting material object: low carbon steel wire with hardness below HRB80

Post time: Aug-18-2022